Monday, May 16, 2011

Father and Son's

David took the boys to the Father and Son's
Campout last weekend. Raegan B got to come
along too! They had a great time!

Monday, January 31, 2011


A HUGE congrats to my hubby for landing
the AF Attache job!! U rock honey!!
Did I mention I am
SOOOOOOOOoooooo.... excited!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Disney World 2010

We decided we needed a little Disney
so we hopped in the car and headed
to the Happiest Place on Earth!!
We had so much fun!!
Couple things to explain about the pics:
1. My mother made us all wear the same
colored shirts. We were all dying until we
lost Madalyn the first day and spotted her
bright yellow shirt through the huge crowd!
(we stopped complaining after that! Even
David willingly wore the color of the day!)
2. there will be a hundred more pics to come
later once my sister downloads her and I can
get David's off his phone!

Cassi loves her Uncle Dafid (as she calls him)

Jaden was trying to "Help" Cassi
dance at Playhouse Disney.

Cassi and Opa

Jaden patiently waiting
to get on the new Toy Story 3 ride
It was Awsome!

Special Agent OSO at the
character lunch.

Handy Manny

Jaxon was break dancing at
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
(he was hilarious!!)
Chloe hula hooping with Chip

My dad's Halloween Costume
Utterly appropriate!

The kids all dressed up for the Mickey's
Not So Scary Halloween Party.

The end result of an afternoon at the Bippity
Boppity Boutique!!

Madalyn's new do

Chloe LOVED being pampered!

Chloe's new do
(her daddy wanted to know which
trailer park we went to to get thier hair done!)
It was a little crazy, but the girls loved it.
Princess Cassi

Jaxon preping for Big Thunder Mtn!
(Poor boy! He didn't like the rollercoasters,
but being the great parents we are, we kept
dragging him on rollercoaster after rollercoaster!)
He was a good egg!
Chloe, Madalyn and Jaden on Big Thunder Mtn
Jax and Jade on Splash Mtn

Jaden driving- I was scared!!

Uncle Peep and Madalyn waiting to
ride the race cars.

Orange day!!!


After the rapids ride at the Animal Kingdom!
Not a dry bone amoungst them..oh wait...I
was totally dry!!!
Grandma and Jaden on Safari!

He is such a cute mess!

Sleep at last!! Yeah right!
Thanks Gma and Gpa!!
We made so many great memories!
We love you!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Heart Surgery

It's been a crazy month for our family!
First my episode of PE's...not fun.
then we found out my Grandpa Sandall
needed a heart valve replacement. He
was really reluctant to have it done. He
said he was too old, but after good drugs :>
we got him to the OR! He passed with flying
colors! We love you grampy and are so glad
we got you in and out of the OR safely!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Not two minutes after I spent a half
an hour whining in my last post- I
happened across the video of Elder
Wirthlin's talk "Come what may and Love
It!" on my
Aunt Christie's blog. Thanks so much
Christie for sharing. I was either being
guided or chastized! :> Take a look
and Enjoy while I go get a tissue and
joyfully watch another episode of Hogan's

Thanks and venting

Thanks to everyone for your heartfelt prayers on
my behalf. It has been a challenging week. I am
home from the hospital and doing ok. I am about
to start climbing the walls though....not used to being
home (and down) all day. ARGHHHHH! I still have
all 12 bloodclots in my lungs (love the CT machine-
highlight of my week). I'm frustrated with my
inability to do daily tasks (like walk up the stairs!)
I'm having a hard time getting enough O2 and
they can't get my blood to thin out fast enough.
I still have to give myself injections of Lovenox
twice a day. My belly looks like I joined an MMA fight!
Good thing I have plenty of subcutaneous tissue to
inject into!!!
My recovery is going to be really slow,
or so they tell me. (I don't have time for slow!!!). I had to
have another blood draw this morning and thinking
I was feeling better, attempted to stop and get milk
at the commissary on my way home. Walk in and out-
no big deal right! Apparently it was a little much for
my body to handle and I had another syncopal episode
(passed out) in the parking lot (really embarrassed!).
Again- ARGHHHHH!!!! It was just milk for Heaven's
I keep getting told how lucky I am to still be alive and
fully functioning....that I didn't have a stroke, heart
attack or aneuryism. I am truly grateful, but am having
difficulty being patient with whatever the Lord wants
me to learn from this. I know it's only been a week, but
right now I can't even do basic
tasks, like take a shower, without going into tachycardia.
I've watched every episode of NCIS and Hogan's Heroes
ever made. My eyeballs may pop out of my head and
I think my IQ is dropping by the minute.
How am I supposed to be the mom of three and a wife?
Not to mention my other responsibilities like my Job!
I have difficulty with patience!!! Have None! that's why
I'm not a teacher like the rest of my Sainted family.
Thanks for letting me vent. I feel better. I'm really
not trying to look the gift horse in the mouth. I'm
just really frustrated and tired of being tired.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Garage Incident

(as told to me by my mom, I was at work)...
I thought it was good enough to document for posterity
My mom was here for 2 weeks to spend some
time with us. She was on day 10 and thought she
was going to make it to Day 14 incident free. (HaHa!)
She was upstairs in the playroom (directly above the
garage) folding a basket of clothes, when she heard
the garage door go up and blood curdling screams
coming from the below her.
She ran downstairs, opened the garage door to find Jaxon
suspended in mid air from a pink jump rope.
Chloe and Jaxon had devised a plan to lift Jaxon up
by the garage door mechanism. Pretty ingenious if you ask me! :>
Apparently Jaxon, once airborne, wasn't so hip on the idea.
Gratefully, they tied him around the waist so noone was hurt.
My mom said she really wanted to get them in big trouble,
but was laughing so hard, she could hardly get Jaxon untied.
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to
go along with this story. My mom was too busy trying to get
Jaxon down to take pictures!!

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